ZenMuma Baby Yoga classes are warm and friendly baby yoga classes in Norwich, involving baby massage and post-natal yoga for mum.

ZenMuma YogaBubs Baby Yoga and Massage Classes

ZenMuma YogaBubs baby yoga offers your bubs not only help emotionally and developmentally but also physically. Our classes encourage mum and baby to take some time out from the demands of daily life to connect through positive interaction, awareness and nurturing.

The classes consist of just the right amount of physical and developmental stimulation, which in turn helps your baby to relax and settle, once the fun is done. Baby yoga has been found to encourage happier and calmer baby resulting in relaxed more sleeping patterns.

Come Join the Baby Yoga Fun…

ZenMuma YogaBubs gives you the time to relax, have fun meeting other mums and enjoy special bonding time with your little one.

Our classes are taught by ZenMuma trained Becca Haynes, and take place at the great, city centre location, The Garage Norwich.

A Happy Healthy Mum, is a Happy Healthy Baby…

We love to meet mums, babies and toddlers, not just to sneak a few baby cuddles in where we can, but also to help give you some confidence, some all-important moral support and a little exercise for your belly and back too after such a life changing event. Adjusting to no longer being pregnant, giving birth and also the natural highs and lows of motherhood, can be tough. That’s why our classes are about having fun in a friendly and informal environment where you can chat to other mummies who totally understand.

mum and baby yoga

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We look forward to seeing you!

The ZenMuma Team x