Norfolk based Life Coach, Claire Upton is the latest addition to The Orange Grove Clinic’s wonderful Team of Practitioners specialises in Empowerment Coaching for Women and Workshops and in particular offering support to new mums.

With 12 years’ experience of supporting and empowering others as well as becoming a mum herself, Claire’s focus is on women who are juggling many demands and want help clarifying their path. Through Empowerment Coaching she will guide, support and motivate you towards your goals; something Claire feels can often become lost or neglected with the pressures of modern day living.

Claire Upton Empowerment Coaching

Claire recognises the importance of taking ‘time out’ of everyday life to focus on your own needs and desires. Claire’s style of Coaching will help you establish and prioritise, while becoming more confident in your own abilities and decision making, and becoming clearer on where you are heading in life.

As a mum herself, she has first-hand experience of how juggling children, career, finances, relationships and physical and emotional health can all impact upon a woman’s ability to make the best choices for herself and her family.

How to book Empowerment Coaching & Workshops

As well as 1-to-1 Empowerment Coaching sessions, Claire also runs workshops, utilising her expertise to inspire and motivate women who want more from life and are interested to find out more about themselves. Throughout 2017 she will offer short courses with small groups of women – touching on Confidence, Self-Love, Positivity, and Exploring Happiness, Listening to your intuition, Mini Meditations/Mindfulness, Nutrition and Wellbeing, Stress and Better Sleep, in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment.

Find out more or to book a free consultation call the Orange Grove Clinic 01603 631900 or email: