It’s great to feel your body getting back into some kind of post baby shape, but you need to take post-natal exercise slowly at first. YogaBubs Baby Yoga is a really safe way of getting some post-natal exercise in Norwich straight away, and DiscoBubs is great, fun and effective too after a few weeks.… Read More

What does it mean to meditate? Well there’s a question which could be answered in a hundred different ways, in a hundred different countries, by a hundred different cultures. But I live in Norwich, in 2017, so I am going to tell you what it means to me and what you can learn at our Meditation… Read More

Over the past month, and in line with International Day of The Midwife on 5th May, you might be aware that we have been running a rather special award, The Midwife of the Year 2017, to celebrate how amazing our local midwives are. Orange Grove Clinic, Marketing Manager, Sarah Maginn talks about our unsung midwife… Read More

Do some yoga, read a book, sit in the sunshine, enjoy a glass of warm cider around the campfire, take some time to do what makes your soul happy! You can do it all at our Weekend Yoga Retreat… Read More

We really enjoyed our Meditation for Mums Workshop in January and received some great feedback from the lovely mums who took part. Have a read of our Meditation Workshop Reviews to see what some of our lovely mums had to say about the day…… Read More

Breast fed babies might need extra vitamin D according to a study undertaken by The Mayo Clinic which concluded that in some cases breast milk doesn’t provide enough vitamin D for newborns. Sarah Maginn asks The Orange Grove Clinic’s Nutrition expert Catherine Jeans for some advice on what to do to ensure your baby is getting… Read More

Are you stuck for ideas what to buy your partner or friend who’s just had a baby?… well here’s an idea to help them not only relax but also to bond their new addition, how about baby yoga gift vouchers?… Read More

Norfolk based Life Coach, Claire Upton is the latest addition to The Orange Grove Clinic’s wonderful Team of Practitioners specialises in Empowerment Coaching for Women and Workshops and in particular offering support to new mums.… Read More