Milk allergies can be stressful. One of our yoga mums, Helen, tells us how she has coped with two children with milk intolerance. ‘Cow’s milk protein allergy’, ‘hydrolysed formula’, ‘milk ladder’ – just some of the many phrases that 3 years ago I hadn’t heard of, and now feature very frequently in my vocabulary! Milk… Read More

Pregnancy and birth expert Jackie Heffer-Cooke gives her top tips from her own experiences and from her YogaBub’s mums on breast and bottle feeding for mum and baby around Norwich. Enjoy the help you get from the midwives and breast feeding helpers on the wards, but remember, being on a ward can sometimes be quite… Read More

My baby isn’t walking yet! What are the signs of hypermobility? Jackie Heffer-Cooke, Norwich ‘YogaBubs’ Baby Yoga Founder and Director of The Baby Centre at ‘The Orange Grove Clinic’ talks from personal experience about Hypermobility in children and what you can do to help.   “Is she STILL not walking!?” When my Megan was around… Read More

Jackie Heffer-Cooke, Norwich ‘YogaBubs’ Baby Yoga Founder and Director of The Baby Centre at ‘The Orange Grove Clinic’ talks real about  ‘Life After Forceps’   This week at one of my Norwich ‘YogaBubs’ Baby Yoga classes, I was talking with one of my mums about a pain she was experiencing in the left of her… Read More

Jackie Heffer-Cooke, Norfolk childbirth educator and teacher of The Birthing Tool Kit and YogaBumps pregnancy yoga, gives you – 10 ways to enjoy a caesarean!   Teaching around 60 local Norfolk pregnant women a week ‘YogaBumps’ pregnancy yoga and HypnoBirthing at ‘The Orange Grove Clinic’, I come across women for whom, for one reason or… Read More

YogaBubs and Orange Grove Clinic have been on a mission to find Norfolk’s Midwife of the Year and we received some truly wonderful nominations. Now, on International Day of the Midwife, YogaBubs’ Jackie Heffer-Cooke is excited to announce the winner…     “It was an impossible task to choose Norfolk’s Midwife of the Year from the nominations,… Read More

Jackie Heffer-Cooke from YogaBubs Baby Yoga and Massage Norwich, reveals her own personal parenting lows, and gives 5 top tips on how to deal with them…   Inspired by a conversation with my buddy on holiday, when we chuckled our way through our own personal stories – this week at YogaBubs we are talking about… Read More

Did you know that next month, on May 5th, is the International Day of the Midwife 2016.  I am member of the MSLC, the midwifery services liaison committee, and often have to report back to the midwifes through my role as a birth educator. In my opinion, Midwives are unsung heroes. They play a crucial role… Read More

This book says it will ‘save your sanity’. Well, it did mine. Sam was such a calm and contented baby, (not so much as a toddler, but that’s a different blog…), but some weeks as a baby he seemed to change character overnight! And my gorgeous little bundle would turn into a crying, troubled, non-feeding,… Read More

By Nutritional Therapist Catherine Jeans Dip ION mBANT  Weaning is an exciting time for you and baby, and should usually start around 6 months. Here are my top 3 tips for successful weaning:   1. Start with vegetables: if you start with fruit, your little one may develop a sweet tooth. Veggies like butternut squash… Read More