We really enjoyed our Meditation for Mums Workshop in January and received some great feedback from the lovely mums who took part. Have a read of our Meditation Workshop Reviews to see what some of our lovely mums had to say about the day…

Being a mum is hard work and we all need to have some time out to enjoy the quiet or talk through the thoughts which run through our heads when we feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Thank you to all the ladies who came and especially for being so open about their own personal experiences.

Meditation Workshop Reviews


“I really enjoyed the workshop on Saturday, it was exactly what I’d hoped it would be – a fun, informative introduction to meditation all centring around being a mum and overcoming the negative ‘bad mum’ thoughts we all have sometimes. It was just what I needed.

Meditation Workshop reviews

I now feel equipped with some new techniques to use when I’m having a bad day and inspired to build meditation into my daily routine. So far so good, I’ve managed ten minutes each day since the workshop and think I can already see some benefits… This week my husband was away working in London, my 4 year old was off school ill and my baby was particularly miserable with teething, a combination which would normally leave me feeling a bit frazzled! But I’m actually feeling calmer and didn’t have the urge to hand over the kids and run away for some ‘me time’ the moment my husband walked in the door last night, so that’s got to be good right?!

I found the letting go meditation particularly helpful. It’s definitely something I’d like to work on more. I found everything really helpful actually and I loved how open and honest you were about your own experiences and how meditation has helped you. I don’t think there was anything I didn’t like! It was a brilliant day, I feel like I got so much out of it. I really hope you’ll do another workshop soon, if you do, I’ll be there!”

Happy Mum, Amy

“I definitely enjoyed the day. The pace was right and the theory was easily digestible. I found the meditation that included the ‘She Let Go’ poem most helpful and most poignant. It reminded me to do just that, to ‘let go’ of all the anxiety, thoughts, thinking and planning…that sometimes just doesn’t stop. I also found it reassuring and comforting to hear that other mamas are at times feeling much the same as I do.

There wasn’t anything I didn’t like. I’m not sure anything needs to necessarily change except time went super fast! Thanks again Jackie”

Happy Mum, Samantha


“It was a lovely day, I really enjoyed it. It was nice to get some ‘me time’ and to be with other mums.

What I found particularly helpful was when we all said why we were there. It was kind of an unburdening for me of all the thoughts I’d been carrying around in my head. It was also really nice when the other mums were nodding their agreement, it was like I wasn’t alone and it was ok to feel how I felt. And other people felt the same!! Wow! I thought it was just me!!

I can’t honestly think of anything I didn’t like!! There was parts of the meditation that I personally found uncomfortable, but that’s because it was touching on things in my past that I had always kept buried.”

Happy Mum, Emma


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