Introducing DiscoBubs! A safe, fun, Mum & Baby Dance Classes for baby wearing mums in Norwich!

DiscoBubs Mum & Baby Dance Class - Thursday 12/01/17
January 12, 2017
11:00 am
14 Chapel Field North, Norwich, NR2 1NY

This is a six week block of mum and baby dance classes, starting on the date above and occurring on the following dates: 12th January, then Jan 19th, 26th, Feb 2nd, 9th, 16th. Don't forget your baby carrier!

Classes with Alysha Hudson

DiscoBubs Mum & Baby Dance Class - Thursday 12/01/17
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Inspired by a youtube video of a group of Californian dads in a dance class, grooving to hip hop, all wearing with pride their precious babies in slings, pumping them around the dancefloor, babies snoozing and giggling, Jackie Heffer-Cooke founder of YogaBubs brings Norwich Mum & Baby Dance Classes, DiscoBubs! Check out the video below.

A Baby Wearing Dance Class for post-natal mums

DiscoBubs is a safe, fun, dance based exercise for baby wearing mums, explains Jackie “at least we will start with mums and see if the dads want some action too!”  Mum & baby dance classes - DiscoBubs

Mums need to be 6 weeks post-natal and ready for exercise. Although DiscoBubs is not intense physical activity, there is of course a lot of movement, so you do need to feel fit enough to move.

With the idea created by Jackie Heffer-Cooke, the class will be led by YogaBubs teacher Alysha Hudson, a professional dance teacher. The class will be composed of a warm-up, then onto learning a dance, a different one every week from a wide range of genres from street to salsa, followed by a specific exercise to music – to work for example bums and tums – then finishing with a stretch and cool down. It is fundamentally a safe post-natal exercise class dressed up in a baby wearing sling and a LOT of fun!

This is a warm welcoming Mum & Baby Dance class

“You do not have to be a great dancer to join in, this will be a fun, simple, easy to follow exercise class, matched safely to post-natal bodies,” adds Jackie, “also we don’t want anyone worrying about what they can or cannot do – if your baby needs a feed, or a change of nappy, just do it – this is a warm welcoming class, a community of mums with babies, all in the same boat. Go with the flow of how you, your body, and your baby feel today, the only thing you need to enjoy is great music and have a sense of fun. This is a perfect class for lifting post-natal winter blues!”.

Come to a DiscoBubs Taster

Jackie and Alysha will be presenting a taster of DiscoBubs at the YogaBubs Christmas Party, December 14th 12pm until 2pm at the Open Youth Trust, Bank Plain. Tickets to this event cost £5 and are available here. All profits are going to the Midwifery Led Birth Unit to help them buy equipment they need for better birthing, something Jackie Heffer-Cooke very much supports with her work in HypnoBirthing and The Birthing Tool Kit.

Safety first

We’re all about safety both for you and baby. Please ensure that baby isn’t too heavy for you too dance with as we don’t want you to have any injuries! Also as the class involves the use of baby carriers it’s vital that you adhere to the safety guides provided by TICK.

Book DiscoBubs Here…

To book your first DiscoBubs run of classes, starting Thursday 12th January, 11am until 12pm at The Garage, Chapelfield, book below. Don’t forget your baby carrier.

Believe it… you are still… The Dancing Queen!