My name is Cathy and I am the owner of The Green Room Therapy and when Jackie approached me to write this article I was thrilled to be able to offer parents positive ways to help with PBT (post birth trauma) as I wish I had known all those years ago how effective Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can be.

The Green Room Therapy centre specialising in Emotional Freedom Technique

You hear of so many different birth stories don’t you….some good… some bad and some that can leave new parents feeling traumatised by the experience. Some of us don’t even realise how much of an impact having a baby has had on us a parents.

For me my first child was the first of my group of friends and so I was in a place of naive bliss. I remember innocently taking white cotton pyjamas to the hospital to complete the perfect picture of purity. Bless my 21 year old self. My son was born a few years later and was a different birth experience completely. While I had been prepared he was going to be a big baby I was not expecting to have my hips manually opened to save him in birth and this affected me and my husband for a while afterwards. We found ourselves talking about it over and over to try and understand it all and in our way find some peace with it. If only I had known then what I know now!!

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT tapping falls under the umbrella of Energy Psychology and works with the meridians of the body to find peace with trauma/emotion that is held in the body. Recent research shows that every organ in the body has emotion receptors or molecules of emotion which when we experience a trauma or ‘echo’ as I call them can literally hold onto this within the body suppressing it and in turn affecting our mind, emotions and immune system.

Emotional Freedom Technique literally taps onto pressure points of the body (like acupuncture) and works with the emotion that is trapped recognising it, working through it, re-framing it and releasing it from the body unblocking the energy flow  to move freely again. I see the amazing results EFT brings clients everyday and what’s brilliant about this technique is that once you have learned it you can use it for yourselves for any future concerns that come up as it is so easy to do. A recent client wrote a few words about her experience of how EFT had helped her find peace with her birth trauma.

‘The EFT helped me to reframe traumatic memories that have played through my mind so many times in the last 9 years. Now when I’m remembering those times I see myself working alongside my past self, supporting and understanding myself in the memory. I no longer feel my traumatised self, struggling alone as I can replay those times with another kinder perspective.’

I recommend using a qualified AAMET registered therapist when working through ‘echos’ to make sure you have the support and guidance to hold you in a safe place to work through these kindly. I also like to offer my clients a healing Reiki session afterwards to heal any areas within the body that could also benefit post birth.

If you would like any more information about this amazing technique contact us at The Green Room Therapy