Well it does to me, and that’s the thing about mums, sometimes something will just make absolute sense from a very deep place, and generally it’s the right decision.

Swaddling babyFirst time around when I was learning the job of mum (well, still doing that) I somehow felt that swaddling was ‘cruel’. “Poor little thing needs to be free, to kick about!” Second time around, having learnt so much, I felt completely differently. Your little bundle is tightly wrapped up inside you for months; comfortable, safe, and warm. Then they land into the world. Bump. Imagine everything you see, smell, hear is for the first time. It would be a place of worry as well as delight. When babies get overtired they get fretful, and when they get fretful and start waving around their arms and legs they don’t actually know it’s their own arms and legs waving around in front of them, it could be any old thing waving in front of their face at a hundred miles an hour! Agghhh!

Poor things. Tuck them up, make them feel like they’re still in a lovely safe place in the warmth of the womb and swaddle. But that’s just my opinion J

If it makes sense to you too then this is the swaddle blanket I used. Easy, no fuss, lovely material and just the right weight to keep them warm – but not too warm.

Perfect. Am  I too old for one?

The Gro-Swaddle – £12.50-£17