Life changed when I discovered Yoga and Meditation and it’s continued to change both my life and my families, and all for the better!

11 years ago, when I gave birth to Megan, I was in a very very different career/place/positioning. I walked into that birth believing it would be fine, how hard can it be! After all, I had spent the last few years controlling multi-million pound budgets, planning and scheduling TV programmes to get them to air, and managing teams of people. This should be a walk in the park right?!  What I didn’t bank on was my fear of letting go, my lack of intuition on how to follow my body and my breath. Instead I didn’t know where to put myself, how to move, I felt silly, embarrassed, even clumsy in my birth – and the worse thing of all – I couldn’t control it, what on earth was happening!

Yoga and Meditation in Norwich

Instinctive behaviour can be alien to modern women

Ideally, the instinctive birthing breath and movement should not need to be taught; but in practice, instinctive behaviour is alien to some modern women, who tend to ‘analyse and do’, rather than ‘ride it and be’. Our lives have become perhaps removed from what is natural and instinctive, our breath may be shallow, choppy, erratic, perhaps reflecting a perhaps slightly shallow, choppy and erratic life.

A Hormonal Boxing Glove

Conceiving, growing your baby, birthing your baby – being a mother. These changes and feelings are so powerfully instinctive – it is a massive time of change, adjustment, identity shifting, transition, release from the controlling ties of the rat-race – and a period of time which at first can make you feel like you have been literally knocked over by a hormonal boxing glove.

Yoga and Meditation – How I keep calm, conscious control through the cloudy days

I started practising relaxation and meditation when Megan was a couple of years old, and I discovered yoga a couple of years later when I was pregnant with Sam. Meditation and yoga changed my life for the better. Not just my life, but my family’s too as an indirect result. By the time I fell pregnant with Sam I was happier, more content, had started to figure it all out, and I enjoyed my pregnancy more than I ever thought possible. My positive approach to childbirth with HypnoBirthing gave me a blissful experience I will have forever, and following the birth of Sam I learnt how to teach Baby Yoga.  What these practises and teachings gave me was much more than a new career. It taught me how to accept myself, my greatness, my (endless) failings, and how to keep calm, conscious control throughout the cloudy days (mostly).

Yoga and Meditation shines a light on the dark corners of our life.

The process of shedding old habits of perhaps self-punishment or feelings of not being good enough, can be a tough journey. But for me this journey, yoga, shines a light where we need it most, out into the very dark corners of our lives, into the moments where we are faced with the biggest and hardest demands for transformation and change. Mothering gives women many moments like these. If just one of these moments, for just one mother, is made lighter by using a technique, or some idea she has picked up in a yoga or meditation class or workshop, then wowsers.

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