ZenMuma Baby Yoga Classes Norwich, is a warm, friendly and fun baby group which involves post-natal yoga for mum and lots of fun for baby too.


Baby Yoga Norwich

Suitable from around six weeks (or earlier if mum feels ready) to 10 months, ZenMuma Baby Yoga offers babies not only help emotionally and developmentally but also physically. Our classes encourage mum and baby to take some time out from the demands of daily life to connect through positive interaction, awareness and nurturing.

Taking place at The Garage, Norwich, ZenMuma Baby Yoga is a great way to meet new friends and enhance the natural bond with you and your baby.

Babies Benefit From Baby Yoga Classes Norwich

Here are some of the benefits of coming to baby yoga classes, Norwich:Baby Yoga Norwich


• Baby yoga and massage classes encourage mum and baby to take some time out from the demands of daily life to connect through positive interaction, awareness and nurturing
• The communication encouraged through baby yoga and massage helps baby develop a sense of trust around them. This develops baby’s confidence and self-esteem
• Develops limbic system – the experience of emotion
• Baby Yoga celebrates the difference in each individual baby
• Helps release pent up energy, therefore making them feel calmer and able to sleep
• Love has time to be celebrated and fun is there to be had

The bouncing, swinging, rocking and spinning movements are loved by babies as they develop their vestibular system, which helps the baby to balance
• By singing in class baby’s hearing and pre-language skills are developed
• Develops sense of spatial awareness
• Helps flexibility
• Heightens baby’s awareness of self and what the body can do
• Helps baby to make spontaneous movement, rather than involuntary movements
• Development of fine and gross motor skills
• Stimulation of the senses
• Baby yoga helps baby develop curiosity, persistence and motivation; all qualities they will benefit from throughout life.

• Alignment of the body
• Strengthening the skeletal and muscular systems of the body.
• Helps relieve colic and constipation
• Encourages good digestion
• Helps to settle baby and improves sleep
• Gently encourages the opening of babies chest and lungs, enables baby to breathe more effectively
• Brings more oxygen into the body helping baby’s nervous system and internal muscles and organs to work more effectively and efficiently
• The brain will also have plenty of fuel for learning, growing and developing
• Strengthens and tones muscles, keeping the spine straight and supple
• Establishes good breathing practices
• Improves blood flow and circulation
• Promotes the balance of hormones and the release of endorphins
• Stimulates cell growth
• Stimulates the skin receptors
• Detoxifies the system of unnecessary waste products
• Assists the relaxation process as baby’s excess energy is released and baby is therefore more settled

This is the perfect opportunity for mum and child to spend a fun, bonding hour together, where the focus is just on the two of you. No washing, no housework, just a great way to help develop some ideas to help body, mind and self, whilst developing your own ‘together relationship’ too.

Don’t miss it. Book now by contacting Becca on 07521139365 or becca@zenmuma.co.uk